Me pueden explicar con sus propias palabras el diagrama simple presente de inglés. Pero que sea una técnica la cuál entender sea fácil
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Ya busque información pero no le entiendo;-;​

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Inglés, 17.06.2019 15:00, evoleth76
Una pregunta, tengo que formar preguntas en pasado simple, lo voy haciendo ¿bien?
Inglés, 20.06.2019 23:00, bryanladino
Pasarlo a presente simple sally left home when she was 18. she didn’t want to go to university, so she went to work in a book shop in london. one day, a customer came to the store. his name was bill. he liked sally, and asked her out. they went out to dinner and had a nice time. bill told sally that he worked in a bank in the financial district. sally liked bill, too. she smiled and said that she hoped she would see him again. nobody is sure how it happened, but sally and bill fell hopelessly in love, and ended up getting married. they moved into a small flat together, and paid incredibly high rent for a few years, until sally announced that she was pregnant. bill asked for a loan from the bank so they could buy a nicer flat in a friendlier neighborhood outside london, and a few months later sally had her baby. they named the baby andrea. like most europeans in the year 2005, they were very happy… subrayar los verbos y clasificarlos en presente y pasado
Inglés, 22.06.2019 02:20, emersoon
Quien me puede ayudar con una rutina diaria por las tardes por fas ayuda
Inglés, 22.06.2019 03:00, isabeloo17052007
Gente me dicen si encuentran otro país tengo que encontrar 15 y encontré 7 países plidd♡♡♡♡ ​
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